To overcome challenges of different negative heart conditions, a person can learn different yoga styles which will be beneficial to them.  Beginner learners of yoga have a hard time understanding different yoga poses. This guideline will serve to aid you to know different yoga styles.


Corpse pose is the easiest yoga style, therefore convenient for new yoga learners.   As you will come to learn corpse pose is a relaxation pose, after doing more complex yoga styles.  Corpse pose just like the name just involves getting in dead man in a coffin like position, while setting your legs apart up to their limits. This poses is used to restore the energy lost in the other restorative yoga styles. 


Cat pose, involves a person getting down to their hands and legs while holding their shoulders up. The person will then inhale and exhale while holding the position of the shoulders.  After this pose a person will experience a relief in hand muscles and the back.


Dancer pose is a next level yoga style, which to do properly requires experience.  A person to get into this yoga style, while standing will raise one leg up on the back and hold it with the same side hand while simultaneously straightening the other hand perpendicularly to their body. 


Chair pose, is a yoga style where a person assumes a sitting position although there is no chair to support them.  Also, a person should raise both arms in the air up to their limits. This pose is beneficial to the diaphragm and also assist the body blood circulation system.


Downward dog yoga style.  People will get to learn this style within the first days of going to dancer pose yoga class.  The yoga instructors will have people standing, the instruct them to bend forward without moving their feet until their hand reaches the ground, the next instruction will be to raise their behind up in the air as high as possible without moving any of their arms. This pose is great for women past the age of 45years and also assist to energize the body and relieves the brain of any stress.



The one of the most difficult poses is the lizard yoga style.  Lizard move is usually an advancement from the down facing dog yoga pose.  While in facing dog pose lower yourself down even further and in order to do so your will limit the length of your hands by getting to the ground on the forehand and elbows, while one leg steps one step back.  After that the leg should assume the sitting position.  In addition you will deep inhale and exhale while holding the pose. The lizard pose improves the flexibility of the hips and the pelvis.